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A digital personal trainer for parents who want to teach their children English

Why is this perfect for you?

Studies show that we, the parents, are the best teachers for our children!

Especially for this, we created My First Lingui a simple, easy-to-use, super-easy English digital trainer that allows parents to teach their children English easily, with a smile, a hug, and with love right from day one.

So true, we need some investment, but if you spend only 5 minutes a day in the actions you already do with the little ones - you can give them a great and necessary gift for life - great English!
So go ahead and join the thousands of parents that already use this amazing product and get started now!

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A monthly membership for just 


you can cancel at any time

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One kit purchase

for just


you will have to reorder every month

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מסלול רכישה

So what do you get?

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English Learning Kit for Kids

Have you noticed that your children pick up English words easily?

Yes, they are geniuses but it is also because they have a wonderful ability to learn English easily-
But this ability just disappears at the age of 6!

We enable your children to take advantage of this window and learn English easily now.


My First Lingui - Personal Digital Trainer - with full digital songs, games, and crafts to produce high repetition using carefully chosen words that are most commonly used in English.


Order a kit now with no obligation!


Don't miss another moment - every dollar you spend now will save years of private lessons in the future!

Nitsan, 18 months

Her parents sent us the video and wrote:

After the first month

she is only 18 months old 💪💪

How can 12 hours change your baby's life?

Most of the development in the infant brain occurs

even before they celebrated their first year!

The best time to learn another language occurs in the first year of life (!) And from birth to age 7 they learn English easily and quickly.


And a bonus? Learning English develops their minds, develops problem-solving skills, and creative thinking - everything that matters to 21st-century children.

Unleash The

Power of English

ילד/ה מקבל/ת ערכת אנגלית במתנה

אנחנו מכינים ערכה נוספת 

אתם קונים ערכה

בכל פעם שאתם קונים אצלנו- אתם מעניקים תקווה לעתיד לילדים ממשפחות מעוטות יכולת.

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