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A monthly digital subscription for busy parents who want to give their children excellent English

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Why is this perfect for you?

We believe there is no better teacher for our children than us, the parents.

But what can we do that we live in an age where we have the least amount of time to invest in the things we want to bestow to our children.

Especially for that, we created My First LinguiBox a simple, easy-to-use with super-easy English that allows parents to start teaching their children English easily, with a smile, a hug and with love right from their first day at home.

Right, it doesn't happen by itself, and we do need to invest, but we have no doubt that if you spend only 5 minutes a day, in the simplest things, in the actions you already do with your little ones - you can give them another language to dream in!

And from there, the sky is the limit.
So join us and the hundred of other parents and get started now!

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MFBOX 1 (1).png

First month for free

In our competitive world, excellent English is an essential tool and schools fail to provide that for our children.

So congratulations, you have received a free English subscription for a month!

You can cancel immediately after purchase or anytime you want.

0-7 years of age

English teaching subscription for busy parents

Ever notice that your child picks up English practically from the air? They learn new words from YouTube and repeat them at home?

 Yes, they are geniuses but it is also because they have a wonderful ability to learn English easily-

But this ability dissolves at age 7!

We help you allow your children to take advantage of this magical opportunity window and learn English easily right now.

My First Lingui- an English class in a digital set full of songs and activities that produce a high repetition of carefully selected words as the most common words for English use.

We will play games, sing songs, read books and everything in English!

Order a kit now with no obligation!

Don't miss another moment - every cent you spend now will save years of private lessons in the future!

Teaching babies English?! but they arent fluent enough in their native language

Watch these little ones who have learned the Lingui method and see how they start speaking English at the age of two!


We have been teaching babies and young children English since 2013!


It has been scientifically proven that the critical window to learning English occurs immediately after birth and closes at age 7

It is important to teach children English before the age of 7!

How can 12 hours change your baby's life?

Most of infants brain development occurs

Even before their first birthday!

The best time to learn another language occurs in their first year (!) And from birth to age 7 they learn English easily and quickly.

And another bonus? Learning English develops the brain, develops problem-solving skills and creative thinking - wich matter to 21st-century children.

Unleash The

Power of English

A boy/girl receive a free kit

We create another kit 

You buy a kit

Whenever you buy from us - you give hope for the future to children from disadvantaged families.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you:)

Whatsapp 972-52-3371552

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About us

English teaching blog

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 Unleash The Power Of English

1 Arye Shenkar Street, Herzliya,

  |  Tel: +972-5233-71552

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