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Physically learning BOX
Vocabulary, conversational skills, familiarity with letters, and beginning reading


No prior knowledge of English is required

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Digital English Study Kit
For brain development, IQ improvement, vocabulary, conversation skills, music and optimal quality time​


Digital English Study Kit
Learn vocabulary, conversation skills, IQ improvement, games, creativity and English quality music time

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Why it is important to learn English before the age of 6

Studies prove that the best time to learn English is straight after birth and in the early years of life up to the age of 6! We created a secret world that sends the kids on a huge adventure where they learn the secret mystery language - English!

It's a tremendous experience, a method that simply works and the children drift in to it and speak English

זה הזמן לפרגן ולהתפעל מכמה מדהים אפשר לה

Nofar, a mother to a 6 year old

We tried several times to go to English classes, every time the group split up, then the little one was born and traffic is the worst. So  English in a box is perfect for us because as someone who was in an English class - it is just like the class but we do it when its most convenient for us and we both sit with him. The coolest part is that he asks to do it- Amazing!

זה הזמן לפרגן ולהתפעל מכמה מדהים אפשר לה

Keren, a mother to an 8 year old

Truthfully, the enthusiasm started even before we got the box because she was really waiting for it and luckily the shipment arrived fast!

We bought one kit at first because I really couldn't believe it would work but now we have already subscribed because she waits for it every day and I have to make her wait for the weekend;) She learned full words and really started to read!

We will continue, thanks!

Father's day. Happy family daughter hugg

Asaf, a father to 5 year old twins

English in a box is ingenious !! They do not want to stop.

They keep asking for more and more.

By the way, I checked and they still remember the words they learned two weeks ago!

And they ask me every day:

When will the next box arrive ??!

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Nathen, a father to an 18 month girl

I was in shock when I heard from friends that their girl who is only 18 months old is already learning English!

But then she opened her mouth and said words and started singing! My wife and I were in shock! So we immediately started teaching our little one too and within a month she started talking and we even sent Lingui a video of her talking :)

Choose the kit that's right for you

Why get English in a BOX?

We have been teaching children English for over 6 years, to date we have taught more than 35,000 children and developed a research-based method that simply works and makes children speak English and read English and have fun while doing so!

But, we found that the biggest problem is: persistence and focus only on language learning.

English in a BOX causes the children to focus only on English, not on classmates, not on the instructor, or on the traffic jams, on the way to the class, and not on the birth of a new sibling.

Only English.

Every week,  when it is most convenient for you and with the best method!

Oh, and another cool bonus: It's also cheaper than a class!

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